Celebrating over 35 years of service, McCauley Agricultural & Pest Service is committed to bringing the people of Oakley, CA pest control assistance with the highest level of skill and expertise around. Spring is right around the corner, but that should not be a reason to deal with unwelcome weeds and pests. Whether customers are being plagued by unwanted insects, invasive weeds, or even diseases that cripple plants, McCauley Agricultural & Pest Service can help.

Many pest control companies focus solely on the treatment of the inside of homes and businesses. Unlike its competitors, McCauley Agricultural & Pest Service offers a complete approach to treatment that stops problems at the source. The company understands that the client’s home and lawn are an investment and deserve protection. One of the goals at McCauley Agricultural & Pest Service is to help lawns look top-notch. Some of the many services provided that enable customers to enjoy lush grass are turf care application and lawn aeration. McCauley’s turf care applications include liquid fertilization, pre-emergent, selective herbicides, iron, and fungicide. Combining a turf care application with aeration can leave a lawn resembling a golf course, rather than a patchy mess. While prices on services vary, McCauley is excited to offer free price estimates through the company website.

One of the number one red flags to buyers looking for a new property is termite damage. The tiny pests can quickly turn a beautiful home into an eyesore and a hazard. However, once an infestation has taken root, treatment is necessary to eradicate the problem. Known to cause up to five billion dollars in annual property damage, termites are not an issue to take lightly. Many lenders require a termite inspection before a property is even eligible for financing options. For those interested in buying or selling a property, McCauley can provide a termite inspection so that there are no unwanted surprises down the road. All inspectors are required to report any termite damage and associated home conditions. The highly trained inspectors at McCauley Agricultural & Pest Service will offer a free treatment estimate if any evidence of termites is discovered.

McCauley Agricultural & Pest Service is dedicated to delivering affordable, effective treatment. Offering solutions for regular pest control, lawn care, wildlife control, and more serious issues such as termite infestations, McCauley gives home and business owners peace of mind.

Family-owned and operated, McCauley Agricultural & Pest Service specializes in pest control, weed sterilant and pre-emergent spraying, tree injections and spray, rodent control, bird control, gopher/vole/mole services, termites, live animal trapping, hydro-seeding, and turf care. Service areas include Oakley, Tracy, Livermore, Mountain House, Brentwood, and Discovery Bay.


For more information about pest control in Oakley, CA, visit the McCauley Agricultural & Pest Service website at https://mccauleyag.com or contact the team by phone at 1 (925) 634-1255.

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