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Need to get rid or roaches or rodents? Maybe your family is waking up with itchy bites and you’re not sure if they’re from mosquitos, spiders, or bed bugs? Count on the pest control experts at McCauley to handle all of your Antioch pest control needs.

We’re proud to serve our neighbors in Antioch, CA. Our customers know that McCauley Agricultural and Pest Services is dedicated to providing top notch pest control, rodent control, and wildlife control. Just take a look at our 5-star customer reviews to see what everyone has been saying about our work!

The pest control industry continues to change, with new standards and more advanced technology and products to help us protect your home, family, and property. At McCauley, we use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach with the most ecologically benign EPA approved control techniques and eco-friendly products available. This allows us to protect your family’s health and the environment.

With all the changes taking place in our industry, one thing remains constant, our complete dedication to providing the best pest control solutions and the best service possible for your home and business.

Pest Control Service in Antioch, CA

McCauley Agricultural And Pest Control is a pest control company that offers pest control services to Antioch, CA

What do we mean by full service pest control? At McCauley, we not only handle traditional pests such as cockroaches, ants, and fleas. We have a team of technicians that provides wildlife control for rats, mice, raccoons, feral cats, bats and more. You won’t find another comprehensive pest control company like McCauley.

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    You Can Count On Our Pest Control Professionals to…

    • Provide you with prompt and friendly service
    • Provide you with prompt and friendly service
    • Work around your busy schedule
    • Guarantee our work and your satisfaction
    • Make the safety of your family and your pets a top priority
    • Respect your home by maintaining a neat and tidy work area
    • Conduct strict background check on all of our inspectors and technicians
    • Invest in the community through worthy charities and our local chamber of commerce
    • Take a customer-first approach to ensure your happiness.

    Call an Experienced McCauley Exterminator to Protect Your Home

    At McCauley, we offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly pest control plans as well as one-time treatment options. Our mission is to protect your home and family from dangerous pests along with the diseases and damage that often come with them.

    Antioch Pest Control Services We Offer:

    • Commercial Pest Control

      Contact us for a free estimate if you’re a company owner looking to protect your business from pests.

    • Outdoor pest control

      We also offer outdoor pest control services to protect your business or property from insects, rodents, birds, etc.


    • Pest inspections

    In addition to performing regular pest control and pest procedures, we conduct pest inspections to look for pests that like to hide.

    • Pest prevention services

    Pest Prevention focuses on the outside of the home rather than on the inside. Pests live and breed outdoors and come inside in quest of food and water. We can keep pests out of the house by treating the perimeter.

    • Residential Pest Control

    We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which includes inspection, identification, and treatment. Our pest control expert will identify and remove pests from your home. No extra charge if a pest problem arises between scheduled services.

    • Routine pest control services

    McCauley Ag & Pest is your one-stop shop for pest management services, all backed by our service guarantee: A re-treatment is free if you have pest activity between service months.

    • Landscape And Agriculture Protection

    While McCauley is best known for pest management, we also provide tree, shrub, and agriculture protection services.

    At McCauley, we control a wide variety of pests, including:

    We also specialize in wildlife control:

    If you need pest control services in Antioch, CA
    Call McCauley Agricultural and Pest Services at (925) 634-1255 today
    You can expect an outstanding experience working with our highly-trained pest control inspectors and technicians.

    Antioch Landscape Services and Agricultural Treatments

    While McCauley is best known for pest control, you should know that we also offer a variety of tree, shrub, and agriculture protection services. These services include:

    • Tree fertilization
    • Tree fertilization
    • Fruit elimination
    • Weed control
    • Turf care
    • Lawn aeration
    • Grub control
    • Hydro seeding

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    For the best pest control and plant care services in Antioch, please call McCauley today at (925) 634-1255
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