Flea Treatment

Most fleas are 1/8-inch-long or less so they can be difficult to see unless you happen to see one crawling on your pet. Fleas don’t only bother cats and dogs, they can also jump onto you or one of your family members.

The adult flea may spend its entire life cycle feeding on your pet. Female fleas can lay up to 50 eggs per day. The eggs hatch in under a week so it doesn’t take long for fleas to become a real nuisance for your pets and your family. Because fleas lay so many eggs, the problem can be very difficult to tackle on your own.

While some pets are less sensitive to fleabites, other pets develop fleabite allergy dermatitis, sending the pets into fits of scratching and severe skin reactions. Fleas also serve as intermediary hosts for tapeworms. Your dog or cat can get tapeworms when they ingest infected fleas while grooming themselves.

Additionally, fleas are capable of transmitting an illness to humans called flea rickettsiosis. The symptoms include headaches, vomiting, chills, fever, and rash.

Flea Control Services

Flea Inspection
A McCauley Ag & Pest technician will inspect your home and identify any flea infestations. We will inspect your home and make recommendations to get your flea population under control almost immediately.

Environmental Treatments for Fleas
After the inspection, our pest professional will provide you with a preparation list. Common preparation items include thorough vacuuming and other sanitation procedures and having any pets treated for fleas by a veterinarian.

Flea Treatments
With your approval, our pest professional will treat your home with an EPA registered material to eliminate fleas from the interior of your home and an insect growth regulator to assist in keeping fleas from returning. A full yard treatment will eliminate fleas in your lawn as well as other areas where fleas tend to hide.

Once we get the fleas under control in your home and yard, the best way to prevent re-infestation is by proper use of cat or dog systemic oral or spot-on treatments.

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