Spider Removal and Extermination in Brentwood, CA

Spider Control Black Widow

Spiders can look pretty scary and many people have a natural aversion to them. Spiders tend to be stealthy in nature, and some spiders bite humans. For these reasons, spiders (arthropods) are often considered pests.

Biology of Spiders

When spiders are born many species are able to release silk threads that act like a type of parachute that helps them float in the wind. Most species of spiders stay outside. They may be drawn inside by the heat inside your home if they come across and easy point of entry.

Dangerous Spiders & Arachnid Pest

Some spiders, such as the brown recluse and black widow spider, can be dangerous to humans. However, deadly spider bites are extremely rare in North America and the vast majority of spider bites are not dangerous to humans. The fact is, most spiders are beneficial to people. They are excellent predators and help keep other pests under control.

Indoor Spiders Pest Control

Most spiders you’ll find indoors tend to spend much of their time huddled in corners or hidden under objects. The spiders you see during the day are unlikely to do you any harm.

Spider in My Home

Spiders typically enter your home searching for a safer living environment. While one or two spiders in your home are not usually a concern, a nest of spiders can quickly become a nuisance. When you notice multiple spiders inside your home, it’s usually a good idea to give us a call so we can get rid of them for you. As your local pest control experts, we offer a variety of options to rid your home of unwanted spiders.

McCauley Agricultural For Pests & Spiders

Your McCauley Ag & Pest inspector will assess your home’s interior and exterior to create a unique spider control plan for you and your family. We will treat eves and structure exteriors with the appropriate EPA approved materials as well as knock down all reachable webs.

Spider Trapping & Control Methods for Spiders

We can set insect traps in strategic locations throughout your home or business to get spiders you didn’t even know were there.

Spider Chemical Control

We use EPA approved chemical control agents in and around your home and business to significantly reduce spider populations. These products will also reduce the number of insects serving as food for spiders. When you eliminate the source of food, spiders will leave in search of more productive areas to hunt.

Non-Chemical Spider Control

Remove rocks and dead plants from the base of your home’s exterior to disrupt their home and ultimately reduce the spider population on your property as they search for a better place to live and hunt. To assist with spider control, keep foliage trimmed back at least one to one and a half feet from the structure.

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We found them at the Brentwood harvest festival and hired them immediately! We had black widows and needed their service right away! They just left our place and we will definitely have them back!!! Great service and pet friendly! They even accommodated our schedule and came out at 6:30!

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