How to get rid of fruit flies

McCauley Agricultural & Pest Service in Brentwood, CA has seen an increase in complaints from homeowners about fruit flies invading their spaces, especially now that most people are finding themselves spending more time at home. Fruit flies are fast breeders and can be hard to get rid of once they have taken over. They are generally found in kitchens or wherever produce and vegetables are stored, but can also congregate around trash cans and sinks. While they are mostly a nuisance and do not bite, they can carry bacteria from one source to another.

There are a number of things that homeowners can do to remove these pests who are quick at breeding and can lay up to 50 eggs each per day in your home. Unlike humans, once they lay their eggs, these fruit flies grow from larvae to adults in just one week, so your problem could repeat itself quite quickly.

Take a look around

The first step is to try to find what these fruit flies are attracted to. Is your fruit basket full of ripe or even rotting fruit? Perhaps there is a rotten mandarin slice hiding under the dining table. If you are seeing fruit flies congregating in a specific area, examine the area to find the source. It is also important to regularly take out your garbage and make sure that nothing has fallen out behind it. A bleach solution should also be used to clean out the can itself. These flies have a sharper sense than we do, so they may discover things way before it hits our noses. You should refrigerate or get rid of any fruit you have on your kitchen counter until the problem is gone.

Check out your drains

Are you noticing these flies around your kitchen or bathroom sinks? Bleach is a cost-effective way to eradicate fruit flies from drains and garbage disposals. Pouring bleach down your drain will help get rid of any food or other decaying materials sitting in the drain that are attracting the fruit flies. Don’t forget to inspect all drains, including bathtubs and showers.

DIY fruit fly trap

Some people swear by the concoction of apple cider vinegar and old fruit (can be substituted with fruit juice or red wine). Homemade fruit fly traps can be made by combining these two things in a small glass jar/bowl with a paper cone or plastic wrap secured by a rubber band. The idea is the fruit draws the flies into the jar and they drown in the vinegar. Some also add a few drops of dish soap to the mixture. While this will help trap and kill fruit flies, it is not the way to eradicate them.

Call the Brentwood pest professionals

Sometimes a fruit fly infestation needs a more aggressive approach to completely remove them from your home. McCauley Agricultural & Pest Service in Brentwood, CA will send out a technician to examine, treat, and completely get rid of the fruit flies. Each situation is different and a customized solution for your needs will be determined once an inspection is complete.

It will be important to continue to prevent fruit from rotting in your house and to clean your sinks and trashcans with water and bleach regularly.

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