During the cold winter months, rodents will begin to look for warmer places to settle into. Unfortunately, that often means moving into your warm and cozy home. McCauley Agriculture & Pest Service wants to offer tips on how to prevent rodents this winter and keep them out of your house:

Seal Cracks and Crevices

This is the most common way for rodents and other pests to get into your home. Inspect the inside and outside of your home for any holes, crack, or crevices that may be used as entry points. Seal any openings that you find.

Check Doorsweeps and Windows

Doorsweeps are the flexible piece of rubber or plastic underneath exterior doors. Over time, these can crack, tear, or be chewed away by rodents. Make sure to check that doorsweeps are fully intact, and replace if necessary. Repair or replace any torn window screens that may be allowing rodents in.

Screen Attic Vents and Chimneys

Many attic vents and chimneys have openings large enough for even squirrels and raccoons to squeeze through. It is important to add screen to these openings to prevent all kinds of rodents from entering your home.

What Is Rodent Exclusion?

Rodent exclusion is a service that prevents rodents from entering your home, rather than exterminating those that are already in your home by making repairs and modifications to your home. This is best done by a professional rodent control company like McCauley Agriculture & Pest Service.

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